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AudioPervert Electronics - APE - audio electronics for music

AudioPervert Electronics (APE) are custom made analogue processors for audio production. Each item is a Go APE!one off, hand built unit. These pages highlight some of the units that are now in use. These include the APE Studio Compressor - Stereo compression from modified Moog VCA's, and the APE SidStation Rack - A racked up version of the classic SidStation! On the cards is a Moog mono channel, with a Moog low pass filter, APE LFO, APE envelope follower, Moog VCA, and APE designed compressor sidechain.

This site is also contains info on the repair, maintenance, and appreciation of all kinds of audio electronics. See the new page about the replacement of the Linn K9 stylus, and also the MicMix spring reverb manual, which has been scanned and made into a web viewable resource for anyone who has the reverb but not the manual!

Ideas and input for more articles are welcomed, please contact AudioPervert Electronics with your suggestions or contributions.

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