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Linn K9 stylus replacement

The Linn K9 stylus is no longer being manufactured, so I looked about the internet for ways round the problem. After finding out that the Audio Technica AT95E stylus would fit, I decided to give it a go...

As you can see from the photos, the bodies of the styli are not the same shape. However, they are the same dimensions in all the right places, and so the Audio Technica AT95E stylus fits onto the Linn K9 body fine. When fitted to the K9 body there is a gap at the upper tip - Shown below - that makes it look slightly botched. The Audio Technica stylus is also about 0.2 gramms lighter due to less plastic being used on the body.

AT95E on the Linn K9 Body

The sound quality of the replacement Audio Technica AT95E stylus

I have to say that I think the quality of these 2 styli on the K9 body are very similar. I'll be quite happy to run the K9 with the AT95E stylus until I can afford a new cartridge altogether. From what I can see, the stylus / cantilever assembly is identical on the two versions. I'm not sure whether the Linn stylus had modifications to the materials of either part, or the shape of the stylus itself, but I imagine they are identical.

I would be really interested in any feedback about this cartridge and this stopgap stylus replacement, please email me by pressing the envelope icon top right...

Further Tweaks

Linn K9 and Audio Technica AT95E

I was wondering about removing the Audio Technica cantilever and stylus assembly and fitting it into the old Linn K9 body. I think the only thing stopping this being an easy task is the small hollow metal 'pin' that holds the assembly onto the plastic stylus body. With a small amount of digging and some very fine tweezers, I am sure it would be possible, although whether it would sound better is a different matter.

Inside the Linn K9 and Audio Technica AT95E

Even the packaging is the same (apart from colours!)

Linn K9 and Audio Technica AT95E large picture - Note the Blu-Tac under the AT95 to keep it at the same angle!