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MicMix STUDIO B Master-Room spring reverb



INPUT - The Input control attenuates the incoming signal from the maximum established for the particular unit furnished (normally +dBm for a Zero Vu indication). Higher level input signals are rcadily accommodated by merely 'backing off' on the control. In the full CCW rotation, this control also turns off power to the unit.

INT/EXT MIX - This switch controls the internal mixing amplifier in the unit. When Internal Mix is selected, the STUDIO B combines the incoming signal with the generated reverberation signal and provides a total signal at the output. When External Mix is selected, only the reverberant signal is provided at the output and the STUDIO B must then he used with a console having an echo send and return capability.

VU METER - The VU Meter indicates output level and is normally factory set for a Zero reading equal to +8 dBm, which is the minimum nominal output level at which the unit will properly function. For lower output levels an external pad is required.

REVERB - This control sets the amount of internally generated reverberation signal provided at the output connector.

DECAY - This control varies the amount of decay in the reverberant sig;nal. It may be set from minimunn to maximum and the nominal position is indicated in the center of the markings. T'he Decay circuitry is such that, with the Decay control at minimum and the Reverb control also minimum, gating of the reverberant signal can occur. Such effect can be very useful for special effects but may be undesirable in other operation of the unit.

EQ PEAK - Selects the center of the peaking frequency for the reverberant signal.

EQ BOOST - Controls the amount of boost at the selected peak frequency. A maximum of 10 dB boost is provided, at full CW rotation. With the control full CCW, the revererant signal is flat regardless of the setting of the EQ Peak selector switch.

REMOTE CONTROL OPTION - Controls on the optional remote control unit replace the Reverb and Decay controls on the chassis unit.

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