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MicMix STUDIO B Master-Room spring reverb


Full Manual - Introduction

This is an HTML version of the manual for the MicMix spring reverb, model name STUDIO B Master-Room. It is a photocopied version I have, so I hope nothing is missing. I got it scanned (thanks Greg at the Bongo Club) and converted to ASCII text, then put it into HTML. The only exception is the schematic, which is just a gif of the sheet. Sorry if this is a little indistinct, but I can assure you that it is just as legible as my photocopied version! I have tried to keep to the format that the original had, within the limitations of the Internet, for that retro feel. The header and foot links are my own creation.

I am not too sure about the legalities of making this available in this way, although I believe the company stopped trading in 1985 , so I am assuming its OK. Please tell me if it isn't.

Although it would appear that I am providing this out of the goodness of my heart, there is an ulterior motive. I am looking for the 19" rackmount electronics half of this unit, either working or broken. I have only the spring unit (photos coming) plus a home made circuit board, and would love to get the whole thing. Please drop me a line if you have one of these lying around. You can also go to the forum and post messages about this wonderful effect! There is a page from one of the managers at MicMix detailing their history at http://home.sprynet.com/~sregdorb/micmix.htm.

Happy reverbing,

Nik, Electronics.AudioPervert.com


Operation 1

Operation 2



Transistor/ IC replacement

Test points 1

Test points 2

Circuit 1

Circuit 2

Parts list 1

Parts list 2



There is no guarantee that there are no errors in the following text. Please use your own judgment when adjusting, creating or repairing electronics with the aid of this manual. Double check if in any doubt. If you aren't qualified, please don't attempt to open and service electronic units, but call qualified service personnel. Always remove the mains power, unplug the unit, and if necessary wait for any capacitors or other components to discharge before servicing. The spring unit itself is heretically sealed, don't attempt to open it unless you are sure that it is faulty, and even then as a last measure. It is probable that the spring unit will be broken by opening it up.