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MicMix STUDIO B Master-Room spring reverb



CAUTION: Service of the STUDIO B Master-Room should not be performed without proper test equipment or by other than qualified personnel.

To dis-assemble the STUDIO B Master-Room for servicing, first remove the power cord from the power source. Remove the screws holding the upper cover. Remove only those screws on the lower cover which hold the cover in place (pan head screws). Components and Test Points are now accessible.

WARNING: With the unit plugged in for testing, HIGH VOLTAGE is present (power line) inside the chassis.

Test Point voltages may be determined with the Sound Column cable disconnected from the chassis, provided pins 1 & 2 are jumpered.

CAUTION: If the Sound Column cable is disconnected at the sound column only, insulate the connector pins with tape or other means to prevent shorting. Any shorting of the pins can cause catastrophic failure of transistors and IC's when the unit is powered.

CAUTION: The STUDIO B electronics unit must be operated with either the remote control cable or the remote shorting plug installed.

Master-Room Sound Columns are hermetically sealed with no fieldserviceable components inside. All repairs are performed at the factory only. If tests indicate a defect ip the column, contact the factory or nearest MICMIX dealer regarding replacement.

CAUTION: Attempts to dis-assemble a Sound Column will likely damage internal components and will void the warranty.

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