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MicMix STUDIO B Master-Room spring reverb




STUDIO B Master-Room is a reverberant field synthesizer which provides the acoustical equivalent of a well-balanced room. The unit is capable of being placed 'in-line' and, with the INT/EXT switch selected for internal mix, will combine the direct sound received together with the internally generated reverberation signal. With the switch in the external mix position, the unit may be used with any console having an echo send and return capability. In addition, STUDIO B features an adjustable decay control and a selective frequency peak type equalizer with boost control. The built-in VU meter monitors the audio output signal.

Constructed of the finest in materials and craftsmanship, your Master-Room does not require any special set-up or adjustment at the time of installation, nor should it require any in the future under normal usage.


Your STUDIO B Master-Room is covered by the standard MICMIX warranty. Validate your warranty by filling out the Warranty Registration Card and mailing it within ten days after receipt of the unit.


CAUTION: The STUDIO B operates on either 115 or 230 volt, 50-60 Hz power as selected by an internal switch. Before installing your unit, removed the top cover and verify proper voltage selection on the switch.

Although the Master-Room sound column will withstand high external sound levels without acoustic feedback, it should be located in a separate area if monitor loudspeakers are operated at very high levels when the unit is in use.

The electronics portion of the STUDIO B fits any standard 19-inch equipment rack. The sound column portion is furnished with brackets to fit any suitable location within approximately six feet of the electronics unit. The sound column must be mounted vertically with the connectors at either the top or bottom.

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