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MicMix STUDIO B Master-Room spring reverb



While the sound column is relatively immune to external ambient sound, it is susceptible to mechanical vibrations which may be induced by monitor loudspeakers into the structure to which the column is mounted, or by vibrations in the building. Such vibrations will generally not cause any damage to the sound column but undesired noise may be introduced into the system. Where this may be a problem, it is suggested that the sound column brackets be mounted to some form of vibration isolator.


Inputs and outputs of the STUDIO B Master-Room are balanced and floating. 'I'he input impedance of the unit as shipped from the factory is 600 ohms. The input impedance may be changed by the user to 5K ohms by cutting Jumper J3 located on the printed circuit board near the input transformer (remove top cover for access). Output impedance is 600 ohms (22 ohm source impedance).

Unless otherwise specified, the factory set input level is +4 dBm for a Zero VLT indication with the input gain control full CW rotation, and output level is set for +8 dBm. This output level is the minimum for proper operation of the unit and, if a lower level output is required, it should be obtained through use of an external pad.

Pin No. 1 is chassis ground on the input/output connectors. Pins No. 2 & 3 are the floating signal connections.


Y'our STUDIO B Master-Room is supplied with an 18-pin 'Jones' type connector on the rear of the chassis. For remote control option, remove this shorting connector and insert the cable connector for the remote control unit.

CAUTION: The STUDIO B will not operate unless either the shorting connector or the remote control connector is installed.


'The unit may be operated from a 48 volt battery supply when AC power is unavailable. Disconnect the AC plug and connect the +48 volt. lead to thc red banana jack on the rear of the chassis, with the -48 volt lead to the black banana jack. When not in use, disconnect the battery supply (on-off switch controls AC power only).

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