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Sequential Circuits Pro-One

AudioPervert is now the happy owner of one Sequential Circuits Pro-One synth!

First thing is the build quality. People arent' exaggerate when they say its poor. However, it's not fatal. On my one, the two things that strike me as bad are a) the two oscilator octave rotary switches (which feel very loose), and the general middle of the case, above the keyboard (whick is just plastic, and bends a supprising amount when you rest your hand on it. (I modded it by putting an aluminium bar under the front edge of the case!).

I am lucky to have the J-Keyboard version, which has key contacts made of wire. Although the keyboard comes in for critisisim, the actiopn doesn't bother me (but I am not a proper keyboard player, a pianist would probably have a very different opinion).

Fortuanatly, the internal components, whilst not being of military grade, appear to be robust enough. The pots don't generaly get too crackly, and the switches, whilst not being the most elegent known to man, do a fine job (one of mine needs to be pulled back slightly from the stop to turn on, otherwise I get nothing out that particular switch).

Pro-One Circuit board images.

There are 3 unusual pictures on my Pro-one board. On the right top there is a (Sanscrit?) text in silver(I don't know what means), below the Rev 1.2 text, there is two flowers and some mushrooms (also in silver), and bottom right, in white silk screen, is a Bhudha (see picture below).