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AudioPervertElectronics - APE STUDIO COMPRESSOR

Built around two minimoog vca's, the APE Compressor was designed to be extreme. After testing a number of optical circuits, which were nice and smooth, I decided that I wanted something a little more responsive. Since I had built some Moog vcf's already, I decided to try using a Moog vca in a compressor. After about nine months of tweaking, the stereo Moog compressor was born.

Two independent and linkable channels of Moog vca combined with an aggressive sidechain that varies from smooth and creamy to outright distortion of the signal. This compressor stands up to all the 'classic' units as well as making most of today's modern compressors sound a little boring. All APE music studio electronics are built as 'one offs' and so can be custom made to specific requirements.

I am no longer making this compressor.


input gain - off. to +20 dB
output - off. to +10 dB
threshold - +6 to -20 dB
attack - .5 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds
release - fast to 14 seconds
ratio - 1:1 to infinity:1
sidechain smoothing - off, on, full
stereo link - on, off
left/ right compressor on - front panel switch activated relay

2x vu meters, meter select switch, power on switch


in left/right , out left/right
sidechain out left/right , sidechain in left/right
cv in left/right

power in IEC mains connector 240/120 volts selectable